No matter where you are on your path, don’t underestimate the impact of how others journey can lift your spirits, ease your fears, diminish isolation and smooth the emotional bumps of the road. Women around the country love to share their feeling on how talking to others have helped their ride.

Sharon offers understanding and compassion in a difficult time. Whether it’s from going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, other health-related issues, divorce, aging, or simply remaining relevant into our elder years, Sharon can help you find the answers you need to move forward.  She has gained her experience from both her own personal journey and by helping others through theirs for the past 20 years.

Sharon has earned the credentials of CN-BA, Certified Navigator-Breast Advocate to be recognized by the medical system as a professional. She has also been a Professional Certified Life Coach since 2008, using positive life coaching principles in all of her work.

She believes that God has a purpose for her in her work at Breast Friends, the work she does in the women’s’ prison and her private coaching, workshops, and retreats.  Helping women of all ages move through their challenges to become the women they were intended to be.